Progress Past your limitations

Tailored online coaching to guide you from rehab to your performance goals.

Do you feel like…


Injuries are impeding your strength performance.
(it feels like you’re taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back)


You’re losing momentum with your training because of injuries and other life events


Pain is a constant reminder of your physical limitations and the activities you have to put on hold


The programs you’ve tried in the past haven’t been customised to you or your needs

Are you an
athlete who…


Loses to your competitors because your fitness isn’t up to scratch


Puts in hours of skill work but your performance isn’t where it should be


Doesn’t have a clear plan to improve performance with strength & conditioning


Is sick of generic fitness programs that aren’t tailored to your sport

The best in their field are not taking time off every time they get an injury, they get the support from someone who can help them navigate their barriers.

How it Works

If you want to reach your potential you need someone who can address both sides of the coin:

rehab & performance

Tailored Programs

A program that’s customised to your needs, and pushes you within your limits.

Ongoing Support

Stay on the right path with weekly adjustments to the program and ongoing support.

Performance Progression Plan

Feel reassured that your coach is always one step ahead so you can reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

User Friendly App

Access and track your customised training through an easy-to-use app.

Exercise Video Library

Stop second guessing your technique - our comprehensive tutorials mean you’ll feel familiar with every exercise.

Exercise Physiologist Guidance

Your EP bridges the gap between rehab and performance, so you’re guided through each stage of your goal

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Hi, I'm coach michael sechos

Strength athlete turned endurance runner and hybrid athlete.

I’ve worked
with athletes
of all types

How our online coaching works



Fill out the Contact Form below. I’ll get in contact within 24 Business Hours to arrange a time for your Performance Diagnostic Call.


Free performance diagnostic call

This video call is our opportunity to evaluate your current training & lifestyle, and come up with the right plan to get you to your goals.


Tailored programming

Using information gathered from the Performance Diagnostic Call, I’ll create a customised program based around your training targets, day-to-day schedule, injuries, and competitive schedule.


Results and ongoing management

The support doesn’t stop when you reach your goals. Continuous support from exercise physiologist who understands what you’re going through and will help you develop into the athlete you want to be.


All pricing is in AUD and GST inclusive.



Worry free diagnosis from an Exercise Physiologist to assess your current problems and provide advise to overcoming them.


(Group COAcHING)


per week

Billed monthly ($40 per month)

This isn’t just another cookie-cutter program.
It’s a community-driven, results-focused plan designed to be easy on your wallet but provide you with the best Hybrid training protocol available.

Online COACH


per week

Billed monthly ($240 per month)

Get the guidance from an Exercise Physiologist to help you bridge the gap between your rehab and performance goals.

What are you waiting for?

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